Clap Club「CC Screening」​

“Clap ! ”

In the atmosphere, clap is thunder,
the collision of convective clouds.

On set,
clap is the slate that marks the start of filming.

In the cinema,
clap is applause expressing emotions and respect.

Clap Club "CC Screening" is initiated by ACCE
and is an active film screening community in Paris.
We hope to establish a connection
between Chinese and European professionals
with local cinephile and young people
through screening, dialogue, and cross-border collaborations.

CC Screening not only focuses
on the diverse works of Chinese filmmakers
but also encourages collisions
between European filmmakers and their works,
promotes interaction between audiences and filmmakers,
and builds an open and diverse film community space.

After experiencing the blockade of the epidemic
and the compression of public space,
we cherish even more the opportunity
to sit together and watch a movie,
and to experience joy or sadness together.
"Return to the Screen"
is one of the recent projects
programmed by CC Screening,
with "Clap" as a prompt,
indicating the possibility of moving
from dispersion to convergence,
from detachment to return.
Through salon/cinema screenings,
we hope to spark discussions and reflections
in this instantly created public space.

Perhaps movies cannot change much,
but they bring us back together, and that is their significance.

Call for Submissions

CC Screening is looking forward to collaborating with more French and European filmmakers,
as well as Chinese filmmakers living in Europe.
If you are a film student/filmmaker in France/Europe and you want to showcase your own or your friend's work to a diverse, multinational audience in Paris, please contact us! We look forward to meeting you at Clap Club!

We are looking forward to meeting up in the cinema!

The informations of recent screenings :