Bonjour, little monsters

Conceived, produced and diffused by Hybridités France-Chine, co-produced by the studio of Li Xiaoyun and co-organised by the ACCE, the cross-border audio-visual live show Bonjour, Little Monsters has completed ten performances in three cities and five venues in 2022 and has been selected as a production for the 2022 Festival Croisements.



© 中法纵横

This multi-national audio-visual feast consists of eight original international award-winning animated shorts with diverse themes and styles using “the monsters” as clues to connect an imaginative and poetic journey of encounters, farewells, growth and transformation. It brings to the fore the sound creations behind the scenes of the modern film industry through the screen, bringing audiences a unique audio-visual live experience with live music and live foley.

The art of cinema meets the art of theatre in the summer of 2022, reaping the appreciation of audiences of all ages, a preference that will accompany Bonjour, Les Petites Monstres as it embarks on a new tour in 2023.

The ACCE has always been committed to cross-border cooperation between film and other fields, and in the future, we will work with more brilliant and professional collaborators to find some new possibilities to make images reach audiences in more diversified ways.

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Moments on the Stage

© 中法纵横

"As a grown-up, I want to revisit that world on stage, the world now we can rarely reach to in our lives, the world where lives the unrestricted, the unimaginable and the bizarre. We hope to find the key to that world again with our audience, to meet the 'little monster' that used to inhabit our imaginary world and the other self that is hidden deep inside our hearts."

—— Producer of Bonjour, Little Monsters, Jing WANG