NewGen Special Screening · Berlin 🇩🇪

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The special screening in Berlin aims to warm up for the NewGen Film Festival.

The first screening was themed “Tracing/Recreating”, presenting the process of extending and exploring traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage in today’s film and television media, representing oriental aesthetics.


The second special screening is themed “Narrative Expressions and Prospects in Chinese Queer Films”, echoing the opening section “Love is Love” with Lan Yu and When I Look at You.

© SUN Haoyang

Representing the aesthetics light and shadow in the oriental way.

   The event featured a tribute to both Chinese theatre and French film pioneer Georges Méliès with the experimental film Song Si Gong Dazed the Forbidden Soul Zhang, which was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the short animation film The Flaming and The Barefoot Buddha, provided by the Chinese Contemporary Cinémathèqu of Animation, which takes on the themes of “sacrifice” and “Buddhism” respectively, and re-examine traditional Chinese culture from a new perspective.The event also featured artist Chunhua Wang, film critic Maja Korbecka and East Asian art history researcher Yue Feng, who met with the audience for a post-screening communication.

 © SUN Haoyang

Narrative expressions and perspectives in Chinese queer cinema

The special screening not only echoes the opening section ‘Love is Love’ with Lan Yu and When I Look at You, but also includes a special screening of two short queer films from France——Xu Haichuan’s City of University in Paris at Thursday Afternoon and Zhao Wei’s Wedding Story. In addition, on 29 October 2022 at the Migratory Bird Space, to talk about the theme, NewGen invited the festival’s jury members, queer filmmaker and activist Fan Po Po, along with critic Hanson Hang.


 © ZHANG Yunxi